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X-Anatomy™ is a CT cross sectional human anatomy interactive medical imaging atlas for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, designed for medical professionals and all students of anatomy. Want to learn CT anatomy quickly? 

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Experience Quick Reference and Fast Learning:

  • Just TOUCH an anatomic structure to identify the vessels, muscles, organs, bones, anatomic spaces or landmarks. 
  • Automatic TRACKING of anatomic structures. Just SCROLL and FOLLOW through the image slices and X-Anatomy™ will fluidly follow that structure through the body.
  • Body LOCALIZER shows you where you are as you scroll through the body
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Includes Level of Detail Needed by Medical Professionals:

  • Developed by physicians: We created X-Anatomy to use for ourselves, tested and used in clinical practice and as an interactive learning resource.
  • Includes actual human patient body scans, totalling hundreds of images.
  • Detailed anatomic notes about every muscle (action, origin, insertion, blood supply, innervation), vessel, and key anatomic structures.
  • (New in v1.4) Includes lymph node stations for neck cancers (AJR:174, 3-2000), breast cancers (AJCC), lung cancers (IASLC) used by surgeons, radiologists, radiation oncologists, etc. Includes liver segment (Couinaud) classifications. 
  • Complete color-coded index of anatomic structures  

Expand and Choose only the Body Sections that you Need: 

  • INCLUDED body section modules cover the major body sections from head to pelvis, and are generally adequate for most customers beginning to learn cross sectional anatomy: CT Sinuses, CT Chest, CT Abdomen & Male Pelvis.
  • Also available for your professional and educational needs, you can now purchase and install from a growing list of additional modules within the app: CT Brain, CT Neck, CT Lungs, CT Abdomen & Female Pelvis.

Watch the Original Video Introduction:

What Medical App Review Sites are Saying:

X-Anatomy is an excellent point of care resourceA particularly useful feature is the ability to select and follow that structure through the other images for that body area.  This allows you to trace blood vessels, ribs, and other structures and develop a better understanding of the pathway the structures take through the studied body region...

-iPhone Medical Apps website (medicaliphone.blogspot.com

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What Medical Professionals and Students are Saying:

★★★★★ "...a valuable tool for me both in my office practice as a primary care physician as well as when I moonlight in the emergency room. You really have to try it…"

-SB591, App Store review

★★★★★ "As a family physician…I recommend this app for anyone wanting to understand or teach CT anatomy."

-DrEraj, App Store review

★★★★★ "...I've been an imaging physician for over 10 years now…...You just have to try it…makes the experience exactly like reading a CT scan on a modern PACS viewer, with the addition of labeling the anatomic structures and following them as you scroll through the body…"

-RoentgenDoc, App Store review

★★★★★ "Wish I had this during residency, med school…"

-meclizine50mg, App Store review

★★★★★ "...this one gets job done. I love the zoom in/out feature…"

-Johnny come lately, App Store review

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Who uses X-Anatomy?

  • Physicians and residents of all specialties, including radiologists, nuclear medicine, radiation oncologists, surgeons of all subspecialties, neurologists, primary care, physical rehabilitation, etc.
  • Medical students and pre-medical students
  • Imaging technologists and students (x-ray/CT/PET/MRI)
  • Nurses and nursing students, nurse practictioners, physician assistants
  • Physical therapists and students
  • Chiropractors and students
  • All health care personnel
  • Biomedical-related scientists and researchers who need a cross sectional human anatomy reference
  • Anyone who believes that intelligent minds never stop learning. Anyone interested in the human body. Have you had a CT scan of yourself and taken home a copy of the images?

Version History: 

We actively maintain and update X-Anatomy, with more improvements and features already under development.

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Questions? Concerns? Suggestions?

  • Use our Feedback & Support tab on the right to vote on new planned features or make new suggestions. 
  • If you prefer, send an email to support@isidoromedengineering.com.

X-Anatomy Team:

  • Medical Director & Application Developer: Francis Isidoro, MD fpi.md
  • Research & Development Assistant: Sofia De Guzman, University of Pennsylvania 

To download X-Anatomy ➔ Click Here.

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