Version 2.0: Submitted to Apple 23 Mar 2013

🔹New: X-Anatomy is now a universal app optimized for both iPad and iPhone/iPod touch. We know that many of you have already been using X-Anatomy on your iPad, so this update is especially for you. Medical students and others from around the world have asked us to make sure X-Anatomy works with the original iPad 1, and we have done extensive testing to make sure that it does. And remember, any extra modules that you purchased for your iPhone can be activated on the iPad for no additional charge, and vice-versa.


🔹Improved intuitive controls: For all iPad/iPhone/iPod touch customers, the user interface to scroll through the body has been updated to greatly simplify your understanding of where you are and how you are moving through the body. You just have to try it!  

iOS Simulator Screen shot Mar 11, 2013 4.45.29 PM-compressed

🔹Added and/or corrected anatomic labeling of several structures, includiing the brain white matter, lattisimus dorsi muscle, longissimus erector spinae muscle, jugular vein bulb.


🔹Bug fixes to assure your experience remains smooth while displaying the structure index and scrolling through the image slices.

🔹Added behind-the-scenes functionality to alert us immediately to any unexpected crashes experienced by customers so we can quickly correct any problems.

🔹As always, remember that you can contact support here or within the X-Anatomy app itself. To keep in touch with the progress on upcoming updates, follow us on Twitter @x_anatomy.

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