Version 1.5: Submitted to Apple 06 Feb 2013

🔹Fixed - We are releasing a new update sooner than planned to repair a major bug. Many customers were reporting that X-Anatomy was crashing while they were trying to contact support or submit feedback using the in-app support features. Hopefully this issue has been isolated and fixed. Thanks to Davphys, Dan, & Eleuterio for reporting and testing this issue, and thanks to Claire & Austin at Uservoice for helping to isolate the problem. If you are still experiencing problems using these features, please contact us through the support page.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Feb 6, 2013 6.09.08 PM

🔹Corrected - Added the celiac artery and its branches to the male & female abdominopelvic modules, which were mistakenly omitted from prior versions. The left adrenal gland labelling in the male abdominopelvic module  corrected; part of the structure is the splenic artery.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Feb 6, 2013 8.19.30 PM

🔹Modified - Minor enhancements to the annotation graphics to help improve visibility of the identification of structures.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Feb 6, 2013 6.14.08 PM

🔹More major improvements in progress to be released soon!

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