Version 1.4: Submitted to Apple 24 Jan 2013

🔹New - Added feature based on customer feedback: Thanks to a suggestion by Davphys, we added the ability to quickly CLEAR the annotations on the screen: accomplished either by tapping the "✕" next to the label, or simply give the iPhone a quick shake! 

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jan 21, 2013 11.08.48 AM

🔹Improved - Notable enhancements to the colored formatting of the detailed anatomic notes of most structures, to help you read & absorb details quickly 

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jan 22, 2013 9.32.52 PM

🔹New - Includes lymph node stations for neck cancers (AJR:174, 3-2000), breast cancers (AJCC), lung cancers (IASLC) used by surgeons, radiologists, radiation oncologists, etc. Includes liver segment (Couinaud) classifications. 

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jan 17, 2013 12.10.58 AM

🔹Improved - More anatomic structure annotations. We are working towards further completion in upcoming versions. 

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jan 3, 2013 11.50.11 AM

🔹Improved - New icon to help you distinctly identify and to be more representative of X-Anatomy. We have already been testing and using this icon on and twitter @x_anatomy 


🔹New - Some behind-the-scenes advancements include in-app analytics to help us improve user functionality 

🔹Improved - Updated the engine behind the in-app support functions. Again thanks to Davphys for alerting us to problems accessing support through the app. If you are still having issues with the support screens, please let us know at our support page

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