X-Anatomy Version History

Version 2.0: Submitted to Apple 23 Mar 2013

🔹New: X-Anatomy is now a universal app optimized for both iPad and iPhone/iPod touch. We know that many of you have already been using X-Anatomy on your iPad, so this update is especially for you. Medical students and others from around the world have asked us to make sure X-Anatomy works with the original iPad 1, and we have done extensive testing to make sure that it does. And remember, any extra modules that you purchased for your iPhone can be activated on the iPad for no additional charge, and vice-versa.


🔹Improved intuitive controls: For all iPad/iPhone/iPod touch customers, the user interface to scroll through the body has been updated to greatly simplify your understanding of where you are and how you are moving through the body. You just have to try it!  

iOS Simulator Screen shot Mar 11, 2013 4.45.29 PM-compressed

🔹Added and/or corrected anatomic labeling of several structures, includiing the brain white matter, lattisimus dorsi muscle, longissimus erector spinae muscle, jugular vein bulb.


🔹Bug fixes to assure your experience remains smooth while displaying the structure index and scrolling through the image slices.

🔹Added behind-the-scenes functionality to alert us immediately to any unexpected crashes experienced by customers so we can quickly correct any problems.

🔹As always, remember that you can contact support here or within the X-Anatomy app itself. To keep in touch with the progress on upcoming updates, follow us on Twitter @x_anatomy.

Version 1.5: Submitted to Apple 06 Feb 2013

🔹Fixed - We are releasing a new update sooner than planned to repair a major bug. Many customers were reporting that X-Anatomy was crashing while they were trying to contact support or submit feedback using the in-app support features. Hopefully this issue has been isolated and fixed. Thanks to Davphys, Dan, & Eleuterio for reporting and testing this issue, and thanks to Claire & Austin at Uservoice for helping to isolate the problem. If you are still experiencing problems using these features, please contact us through the support page.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Feb 6, 2013 6.09.08 PM

🔹Corrected - Added the celiac artery and its branches to the male & female abdominopelvic modules, which were mistakenly omitted from prior versions. The left adrenal gland labelling in the male abdominopelvic module  corrected; part of the structure is the splenic artery.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Feb 6, 2013 8.19.30 PM

🔹Modified - Minor enhancements to the annotation graphics to help improve visibility of the identification of structures.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Feb 6, 2013 6.14.08 PM

🔹More major improvements in progress to be released soon!

Version 1.4: Submitted to Apple 24 Jan 2013

🔹New - Added feature based on customer feedback: Thanks to a suggestion by Davphys, we added the ability to quickly CLEAR the annotations on the screen: accomplished either by tapping the "✕" next to the label, or simply give the iPhone a quick shake! 

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jan 21, 2013 11.08.48 AM

🔹Improved - Notable enhancements to the colored formatting of the detailed anatomic notes of most structures, to help you read & absorb details quickly 

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jan 22, 2013 9.32.52 PM

🔹New - Includes lymph node stations for neck cancers (AJR:174, 3-2000), breast cancers (AJCC), lung cancers (IASLC) used by surgeons, radiologists, radiation oncologists, etc. Includes liver segment (Couinaud) classifications. 

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jan 17, 2013 12.10.58 AM

🔹Improved - More anatomic structure annotations. We are working towards further completion in upcoming versions. 

iOS Simulator Screen shot Jan 3, 2013 11.50.11 AM

🔹Improved - New icon to help you distinctly identify and to be more representative of X-Anatomy. We have already been testing and using this icon on x-anatomy.com and twitter @x_anatomy 


🔹New - Some behind-the-scenes advancements include in-app analytics to help us improve user functionality 

🔹Improved - Updated the engine behind the in-app support functions. Again thanks to Davphys for alerting us to problems accessing support through the app. If you are still having issues with the support screens, please let us know at our support page

Read more about X-Anatomy here

Version 1.3: Submitted to Apple 14 Dec 2012

Submitted to Apple 14 Dec 2012:

  •  NEW detailed anatomic notes! See screenshots. Now every muscle you select now also displays that muscle's action, origin, insertion, blood supply, innervation, etc. Now every blood vessel you select now also displays from where the blood flow is coming and to where it is going. More and more anatomic structures will be annotated with clinically-relevant summarized details, significantly improving X-Anatomy™ as a source of learning and reference! 
  • Please rate X-Anatomy™ on the App Store. The in-app button link to rate X-Anatomy on the App Store is now fixed! Thank you for your help in rating X-Anatomy™, which is crucial to ensuring that development and improvements to X-Anatomy™ continue. Remember, if you have any questions or problems, please use the in-app access to support. 
  •  Improvements to organization of bronchi (for those with the CT Lungs module) for more understandable display in the index 
  •  Improvements to color coding of digestive structures based on feedback from a gastroenterologist physician. 
  • New icon to help you identify X-Anatomy™ faster. 
  •  Bug fixes 

Version 1.2: Submitted to Apple 03 Nov 2012

Submitted to Apple 03 Nov 2012:

  • Now compatible with the iPhone 5 larger screen 
  • Now Available: Modules for purchase within the app for those that need these body sections: CT Brain, CT Neck, CT Lungs, CT Female Abdomen & Pelvis. 
  • Now with in-app support, you can report problems or submit suggestions. 
  • Thousands of additional anatomic structure points have been labelled. Expect more clinically-relevant labelling and new body section modules in the future. 

Version 1.1: Submitted to Apple 20 May 2012

Submitted to Apple 5/29/2012:

  • In-app purchasing now allows you to add and activate as needed new modules of different body sections, imaging modalities, and protocols. 
  • New body localizer: know where you are in the body as you scroll through the image slices. 
  • New color coding of anatomic structures helps you identify structures and patterns more quickly and more easily. 
  • New double-tapping to zoom in the anatomic structure of interest. 
  • Optimized for speed and ease of use: medical professionals need information fast. 
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.0: Submitted to Apple 03 Mar 2012

Initial binary submission to Apple 08 March 2012 for approval

Version 0.1a: X-Anatomy announced 13 Nov 2011

X-Anatomy registered with Apple, and the domain name x-anatomy.com was also registered and the application details were made publicly available.

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