Based on human anatomy teaching and review materials successfully used by thousands of medical students and nursing students, Humanatomy is a quick reference application designed for medical professionals as well as all students of anatomy. 

Humanatomy is neither an atlas nor a textbook. Instead, by using concise descriptions, informative tables and diagrams, Humanatomy allows quick understanding and retention of detailed components, functions, innervation, vascular supply, and clinical significance of the complete range of human anatomy. 

Humanatomy is designed as a quick organized reference and review tool or all physicians, residents, nurses, nurse practicioners, physician assistants, physical therapists, technologists, allied health personnel, and all who have a professional or personal interest in the human body, 

 For students of medicine, nursing, physical therapy, radiological technology, and anatomy in general, Humanatomy helps to provide quick understanding and retention of a wealth of information about the human body.

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